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Love, Brooklyn ♥ 1

I love Brooklyn. I’ve been a Brooklynite for over 30 years (read: my whole life). I was reflecting on my time here and how much Brooklyn has changed. Swimming in my own memories I wanted to share in the experience of others who love Brooklyn for their own reasons. Whether long time resident or recent transplant; street corner, home or park, I want to know what you love about this borough and why. This is an on-going project to discover Brooklyn anew and its residents. 
If you’re interested in participating in this project and sharing your love, contact me at

Love, David

Anton Nimblett

First up is Trinidadian writer/author Anton Nimblett. Anton has been living in Brooklyn since he was 13 years old. His storytelling weaves experiences and feelings of warmth, even in the most challenging of moments. Prospect Park, specifically the highest hill point, is connected to his creativity. He stumbled upon the peaceful, quiet circular hill when participating in The Artist Way, so it serves as a creative reminder. One which gives him the presence of mind to feed his pen memories of yesterday and intentions of better tomorrows. Check out his great collection of short-stories Sections Of An Orangewhere you’ll experience tales of human desire and connection.